“Arc de Triomphe”, the new luxury apartments in China with Mestre’s quality

Few days ago, one member of Mestre Spain travelled to China to visit one of the most importants luxury projects in which we are working in the asiatic continent.

“Arc de Triomphe” is an amazing luxury apartments complex comprised of four big towers surrounded by an artificial lake.

The apartments, decorated with french style, are constructed with the best qualities ​and provence materials, italian marble and faucets and door hardwares by Mestre brand, that includes 24K gold and Swarovski crystal in some of our collections​.

The project is conducted by the multinational Nanning Daxiyang and is on the ten first most importants luxury apartments in China ranking​. That’s the first complex with that luxurious characteristics in Nanning, the chinese growing city.

After several years, these 4 super luxury towers apartments will open the doors to the public from June. Meanwhile, Shenzhen Mestre and Mestre Spain ​are working hard to oversee every detail and make shine the rooms.