Baroque chic, the most majestic trend in Mestre

Baroque chic, new decoration trends

Baroque chic to decorate homes and exclusive hotels is trend in the high society.

Elaborate furniture and simple accessories are combined to create unique and elegant atmospheres that never goes out of fashion.

Mestre follows that baroque chic trend for home and propose majestic and originals high quality bathrooms, where the sophisticated details play a fundamental role.


Baroque chic decoration elements

To join the best decoration with that chic style, old aesthetic furniture with rounded forms and big details take center stage in conjunction with walls papers and crystals with mouldings combinated with artistic and simple faucets.

In respect of colors, Mestre propose combine that furniture with gold or plate tonal colors. They are essential to join a chic and elegant effect. We advise that for the walls, accessories or furniture.

We can’t forgot bathroom fittings that will give your bathroom personality and originality. Antartica Swan collection is an example of majestic and handicraft and fits with baroque chic style. That faucet in chrome or Gold 24k is perfectly combinable with that kind of furniture.


Bering collection is a very simple and modern collection that you can combine if you want highlight the furniture.


Finally, if you prefer a bathroom like a palace, Versailles collection with straight lines hand chiselled, will leave you open mouthed.


*Some pictures are photographed with Mestre’s faucets and they are property of our partner “Colección Alexandra”.