African connection


Recently shown on social networks, we look at one awesome residencial project situated in South Africa, where original detailed elements are melted with a classic style on warm colours in a welcoming atmosphere.

Inspired from this type of design, Perla Lichi looks at Bronces Mestre to realize her vision of door hardware detail for this luxury palace.

Organic and barroque go inside to an architectural environment.
Specifically the “Clasica Series” door hardware is used from Perla Lichi in this occasion.

Perla Lichi is a renowned interior designer specialist in art history, color, and space planning, she creates sumptuous, richly detailed interiors that many refer to as having “The Perla Lichi Look.” This exclusive palace is just an example of her unique creativity.

A lot of her projects have been included in different books that she has published. The last one named “Places” was criticized from NY times.
It contains ones of the most beautiful projects realized from VIP and Royals families of the Emirates and other Countries.