Eclectic style bathroom

How to create an eclectic style bathroom with Mestre?

The eclectic style describes a tendency to extract the best ideas from different contexts and combine them to form something unique. it is a fusion. An eclectic style bathroom, therefore, must combine styles, influences and details to dazzle.

Upgrading your bathroom and giving it an eclectic style is very easy with Coquette, the new collection of Bronces Mestre bathroom. This collection of taps and bathroom accessories is available in 24k gold and customizable Spanish porcelain in different colors and blends seamlessly with this bathroom style, one of the latest fashionable styles in home decorating.


Two advices 

1. Choose one color as the central axis to combine with accessories of different style. For example, gold will give it an elegant and luxurious look.


Example: BAGNODESIGN Spain furniture, mirror and wall faucet in gold finish from our new Coquette by Mestre collection.


2. Combine textures: matt tiles in the shower area and gives prominence to the sink area with a striking wallpaper with black details to highlight the gold finish bathroom accessories.

If you also want to add a really special touch, include the golden tones also in the handles. Our Treasure handle collection gives you really beautiful and high quality options with unique handmade pieces.



Our Retro Bathroom Collection is also a good choice for an eclectic style bathroom. Consult our collections or ask us for advice at or here