The influence of Art Deco in MESTRE’s designs

One of the most elegant styles for your home

Art Deco Style appeared in late 1920’s and early’ 30s to show glamour and opulence, in a time where the World was blue, due to the war. Art Deco was a way of escapism for a nation that really needed it to go on. Art deco style reflected modern technology and it was characterized by smooth lines, geometric shapes, streamlined forms and bright, sometimes garish colors. Initially it was only a luxury style and a reaction against the austerity imposed by World War.

This is an exuberant style that embodies the best of Roaring Twenties. Its signature evokes luxury glamour and an order with exuberant shapes and geometrical designs. Art Deco Style has the power to elevate any space and give it a special personality.

In MESTRE we are influenced by the best in the World. So, in our collections we have a touch of this beautiful and rich style. Retro Collection by MESTRE is a good example of this influence. This collection will fit perfectly in any chic environment, giving them a touch of richness. Retro Collection is pure quality and design and remains us the 20’s. This works especially well in the Victorian or rustic style ambiences which are currently very fashionable. It’s easy to understand how these luxury fittings can turn a simple environment into extraordinary and unique spaces, adding an extra dash of luxury.

Mecano Collection was created with the influence of Art Deco. It’s a collection of door hardware where you can find luxury door handles available in many models and finishings. These door handles will fit perfectly in every decorating style, giving to every space an extravagant look through a detail that will make the difference in the whole space. These door handles will be the icing on the cake! Good design requires attention to details and it’s important not forget anything. In this collection nothing is overlooked. Everything counts to make the best whole picture.

MESTRE offers you always all the quality and luxury that your home deserves. We promise that we’ll continue to looking for the best trends and influences in order to make your home more and more special!