Decorative Luxury Hardware

Luxury decorative hardware
Luxury decorative hardware

We work everyday to offer our customers the best quality and original products, innovative luxury and perfection, we consider only products with a satisfactory finish for all of us and those who offer the best work of Mestre Bronzes.

This is also where the series Mecano, a set of decorative hardware in rustic style and original design Mestre. Here you can find plates cranks, levers with rosettes, door center knobs, handles & accessories of high quality and elegance. Rigorously pure brass made ​​in Spain.

Mecano series

The series is one of Mecano products of Bronces Mestre can offer more variety with different designs, each with a twist that makes it unique, choosing or combining several models including.

Using decorative hardware becomes more decorative doors and enjoy giving their customers a quality product made ​​with Swarovski crystal or brass, depending of the model you choose because you have ones with Swarovski and brass and other with pure brass only.

Along with door handles also have knobs, shields, etc..

You can find this product and many other models in our catalogue and inquire without obligation of prices and ordering forms.