Sustainable luxury is possible with MESTRE

Sustainable luxury trends

The way we see the environment in the World is indeed moving to a better understanding of Nature, and in fact people need this changing due to the increasingly higher levels of pollution. Today, make ethical choices when you purchase is no longer a fad because it can be a way of life.  This new awareness created a new term: ecoluxury. Ecoluxury combines everything what is ecologically and socially responsible, without forgetting excellence and exclusivity of a product or a service. In MESTRE we have the concept of respecting the environment in mind.

Bronces Mestre is a responsible company with a philosophy based in three strengths: high quality products to increase the durability, design timeless products and use technology for saving water. 

Our bathroom fittings and decorative door hardware are made with pure brass and high quality Swarovski crystal, in addition they are designed with a timeless design to lengthen the life of products.

Some people say that every man’s home should feel like his castle and there are many ways to add a luxurious touch to a home. In MESTRE you can add a luxurious and unique touch to your home and respect the environment at the same time.

Our Dragon or Swan are beautiful faucets with high quality that will add personality to your bathroom and will leave no one indifferent with its stylish design. This pieces will be the star of any bathroom and it’s capable of change the whole room design and it’s created with the goal of protecting the environment with its technology for saving water.

ecolujo productos de lujo sostenibles mestre

Adriatica Collection includes luxury mixers, faucets and accessories with Swarovski crystals and pure brass. We apply the same to the Pacifica Collection, a collection where you will find an extra luxury’s touch. In this collection, we offer you not a huge piece, but a design that it’s notable for the beauty and elegance of form.

ecolujo productos de lujo sostenibles mestre

Our Austral Collection is classical and sophisticated and its taps will fit any luxury bathroom. The pieces are created with Swarovski Crystals.

We believe that making sustainable products nowadays is very important to create a better world.

Luxury is a way of lifestyle and now it’s possible to combine it with sustainability and respect for our planet. We want to be part of your home and together we can contribute to preserve our World. It’s a shift for ecoluxury. Are you with us?

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sustenible luxury ecolujo sostenibilidad mestresustenible luxury ecolujo sostenibilidad mestre