Swarovski rely in Mestre’ luxury bathroom fittings at home

Swarovski luxury bathroom fittings – Mestre

We want to thank Swarovski to dedicate an amazing article about our luxury bathroom fittings, decorative door hardware and lighting.

The austrian brand has shared in his blog www.crystalblog.com  and social media one article where highlights our luxury and sustainability faucets with timeless designs that also incorporate specific technology for water saving, this water aerators tallow water flow regulation that contributes to water savings.

Essential accessories with Swarovski for the home

Also, recommend some of Mestre’ taps collections like Artica, and the bathroom accessories collection, such as the soap dispenser, jeweler or the towel rack, that incorporate small details in Swarovski Crystals”which provide a touch of sophistication, perfect for this room” or Pacifica Joystick : “will make your bathroom a special and more daring place”.


In addition, the article doesn’t forget Mestre’s decorative door hardware like our New Collection Treasure and the elegant furniture hardware with Swarovski crystal.  Also write about our high quality finishes and lightings.


Really, is a pleasure work with Swarovski crystal and to know that they rely in Mestre and recommend all of our luxury bathroom fitting, decorative door hardware and lightings at home.


You can read the article here.