Trends. Gold accessories are in fashion

Gold is the color of success, realization and triumph. It’s frequently associated with abundance and prosperity, luxury and quality, status and sophistication. It’s an elegant color and it’s in fashion right now.

Put gold details in your home

You can include Gold in different rooms; will be perfect in your living room details, in your kitchen or bathroom, decorating with bathroom fittings in gold. It’s in fashion.

In your home, golden tones will make the difference and will give to your place a most sophisticated look. It is in the details that beauty resides and it is through them that an unforgettable global image is created. The golden returns to be fashionable and will be in the small elements of the decoration of your house that will mark its presence.


Give your home a golden style with MESTRE’s designs

MESTRE follows all the trends and we are always working to offer you the best elements. Faucets and door handles are important elements and sometimes we devalue their contribution to the decoration of a house. Let’s take a look at some of our most beautiful elements in golden colors.

Antartica Swan is a washbasin mixer with Swarovski Crystals. The piece is made with sand casting process as for the most exclusive productions. You can use this elegant piece in your contemporary bathroom decor and you can also use it on your classic bathroom. The softness and elegance of the shapes of this faucet make it timeless.

Antartica Collection by MESTRE is the exponent of luxury and glamour. It’s the detail that will get the attention of everyone who visit your bathroom. Combined the most beautiful techniques with Swarovski Crystals, this collection of taps is all in gold, creating a comfortable and luxurious ambiance to every bathroom.  Antartica has a clear Asian influence. Its ironwork with 24k gold and Swarovski crystal finishing reflects an Arabic influence.

Dragon faucet is a good example of exclusiveness and refined design. This faucet is hand-worked by craftsmen who don’t let the details escape.  This piece will give you power, nobility and elegance to your luxury bathroom. It is made of gold 24 k and Swarovski Crystals that are a contemporary touch representing the richness and wealth. This luxurious piece is only for connoisseurs and for those with the specific cultural background. It is an amazing faucet design.

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Select the right door handle is indispensable for the final result of your home decor. You use your door every day and it’s impossible to ignore it. We have golden elements to give your door a new sophisticated look. With TREASURE your task will be much easier. The gold is the main color of the collection and your doors will have a touch of superiority that will leave noone indifferent.

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After  65 years in the market our products go on being entirely produced in Spain. We are proud of being a company which keeps our culture, tradition, values and passion on every single piece. With our pieces your home will be more luxurious beacuse gold accessories are in fashin this year.