Bronces Mestre and Wanda group


Bronces Mestre and Wanda Group, let’s start a wonderful cooperation.

The company has an ancient traditional history of cooperation with famous companies and always offers his best services to his clients. Mestre takes care of his clients when there is an order, the company always offers the best in the production system starting from the drawing department and finishing at the production area. All the products requests are personalized from each client inquiry.

Due to our Chinese exclusive distributor Mr. Sam Chang and his team, Bronces Mestre is more and more close to China. For this reason it will be possible work with a special client: Wanda Group, which is the source of much talk in Spain. SHANGHAI WANDA REIGN HOTEL, under construction right now, and WUHAN WANDA REIGN HOTEL built in 2013, will be the focus of Mestre collaboration.In fact Wanda group chose a large variety of products for different collections; the most appreciated are OmanAdriatica and Antártica Swan.

Mr Wang Jianlin plays a leading role, he is now one of the richest people in China, as of June 16th, 2014, Dalian Wanda owned 88 Wanda Plazas, 55 five-star hotels, 1,247 cinema screens, 78 department stores, and 84 karaoke centers throughout China.  The company is thinking about new project in the south area of Madrid capital, and more on January 20, 2015, it was reported that Wang Jianlin was buying a 20% stake in the La Liga club Atlético Madrid.
The billionar Chinese man chose Sapin for his economic inversions.